Advisory Board

Abdullah Alnamlah


  • Partner and a CEO at Purity for Technology
  • General manager at UMC for 6 years
  •  Board member for several companies.
  •   Active investors

Majed Alkabeer


  • General Director of Enterprise Project Management
  • PMO General Manager at Monsha’at.
  •    Investor.

Safa Alnaim


  • CEO in the insurance sector.
  • Head of the insurance agencies committee in SAMA
  • Angel investor.

Tariq Rezaei


  • Angel investor 40+ startups (3 exits)
  • UK & Saudi tech partnership leader
  • Closed $60m+ Deals for 75-startups

Odai Alsharif


  • Deputy CEO at Fulath Factory
  • Board Member and Chief Transformation Officer
  • Expertise as Angel Investor in more than 35 early-stage startups

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